In the provinces of Biella, Vercelli and Novara, a dozen wines with appellations (DOC, DOCG) are produced today, among others: Boca, Bramaterra, Coste della Sesia, Gattinara, Ghemme and Lessona. Our wines are DOC Bramaterra, Coste della Sesia Rosso and Coste della Sesia Rosato. The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Brusnengo, Roasio and Lessona. All three municipalities border the rice fields of the Po valley in the south, extending northwards towards the alpine mountain range to approximately 300m to 425m before the terrain then quickly rises to 1,500 to 1,800 m in the direction of Monte Rosa.

Robino / Brusnengo

In the center of Brusnengo, framed by the town’s secondary school and mayor's office, along Via Forte, you will find the historic vineyard of Pietro Casetti & Figli at 300 meters above sea level. The thoroughly sandy, ocher-colored porphyry soil slopes 12-15 degrees to the south and east. After extensive drainage work in 2006, the vineyard had finally been re-planted with Nebbiolo, Croatina and Vespolina. The distinct image of a working hut on top of the Robino vineyard, lined by three palm trees, eventually became our trademark logo.

Forte / Brusnengo

From the Cantina in Brusnengo, going along Via Forte towards Madonna de Angelli, you will eventually find the district of Forte. Here, we have been able to add another small vineyard to our portfolio, which has been replanted in 2017. The terroir is dominated by yellow sand of volcanic origin, similar to our vineyard in Robino.

Pianella / Roasio

Going from Roasio towards Sostengo, turn left onto the steep roads of Ferracane. From there you will pass through a dense oak forest, before the trees give way for an open view onto the vineyards at 425 m above sea level (Cima Granone). Five years of patience and persuasiveness were required before we could finally replant a 2 ha. plot of vineyard by 2008. With the addition of neighbouring vineyards, wines of up to 50 years in age have since been added to the location. The terroir consists of red porphyry, partly rocky, partly weathered.

Audotta / Lessona

In 2019/2020 after a long-lasting search, we finally managed to plant the first 1,5 hectares of our vineyard in the historic area of the "Ori" with its ancient yellow/golden terroir of volcanic origin. In a few years time we will hopefully reap the fruits of our labour.