Team Le Pianelle

Team Le Pianelle consists of the founders Dieter Heuskel and Peter Dipoli, as well as co-partners Andrea Zanetta and Cristiano Garella. The team is reinforced by Fabio Zambolin. We all bring different experiences, abilities and qualities to our community at Le Pianelle. Together with the other producers from Alto Piemonte we would like to express the unique nature and character of the regional wines and grape varieties.

Dieter Heuskel

Since his first trip to Piedmont in 1986, his appreciation for the region, its wines and winemakers is as strong as ever. In 2002, these circumstances cumulated in the creation of Le Pianelle in Alto Piemonte. The opportunity and challenge of rejuvenating a long-forgotten vineyard and producing world-class Nebbiolo simply had to be made a reality. And with the help of people like Paolo de Marchi and Peter Dipoli, one could actually dare.

Peter Dipoli

Peter Dipoli is a partner and co-founder of Le Pianelle. He has made a name for himself as a winemaker, merchant and author in his native South Tyrol and beyond. He has accompanied Le Pianelle with his in-depth knowledge and expertise from the very start. Energetic and critical in nature, Peter remains a source of inspiration in every step we take.

Andrea Zanetta

Andrea is looking back at more than 15 years experience at some of the most renown wineries in Gattinara, before joining Le Pianelle in 2010. Andreas workplace is out in the vineyards tending to the vines and maintaining the estate in pristine condition. We are convinced that only through Andrea’s efforts, can we guarantee the exceptional quality of our grapes and vines.

Christiano Garella

Cristiano Garella is the enologist of Le Pianelle. He has learned his trade, like Andrea, in Alto Piemonte. Cristiano has shown his ability to create distinct Nebbiolos typical to the region from the very start of his career. But Cristiano is more than an enologist, rather an ambassador for Alto Piemonte as a whole. Constantly on the move to promote the region and its corresponding wines. He does so with true passion and deepest conviction.

Fabio Zambolin

Fabio is the latest member of team Le Pianelle and has been with us since 2015. Starting out in the vineyards during harvest season, he has quickly made himself useful in many places. Fabio has since become fulltime fixture at Le Pianelle, working alongside Andrea in the vineyards and assisting Cristiano in the cellar.

Contributors, Sponsors & Friends

Christian Heuskel manages marketing and international sales efforts from Düsseldorf, Germany. He coordinates brand communication across all channels. During harvest time he will regularly join the team out on the vineyards in Alto Piemonte.

Feico Derschow , Headmaster at MCAD Creative School, has lead us through the creative process of identifying today’s brand image with great empathy, dedication and endurance. He remains our preferred creative consultant to this very day.

Paolo de Marchi and the revival of his family’s wine estate Proprietà Sperino in Alto Piemonte have provided the stimulus for what has become Le Pianelle. Paolo has been a great source of inspiration, advice and support.

Ludovico (Nino) Barbonifrom Santa Maria is a fellow winemaker and has accompanied our journey from the very beginning. We are particularly thankful for Nino lending a hand in the vineyard and supporting our efforts with all sorts of machinery and appliances.

Dirk Müller has found his true passion in halting the growth of acacia shrubs, chestnuts and undergrowth around the vineyards. Over time he has become our designated groundskeeper. Only after dutiful completion of these tasks, will he also be allowed to participate in harvesting and bottling the latest vintage.